Thursday, November 3, 2011

Style Tutorial: Twist Up & Bump (Quick & Simple Protective Styling)

So I mentioned the other day that it was the start of my protective styling season. Although I don't think its absolutely necessary for all people to use this method t protect their hair during winter or to retain length, I know it works for me. I am afflicted with HIH (Hand-In-Hair) syndrome and this relieves some of the symptoms like wandering hands. Also I tend to wear a lot of hats in the colder months, and protective styles usually assist in hat-friendly hair.

This is the first style of the season, well technically the second. For the past week I've been wearing two cornrows with a side part, I've been dancing a lot so didn't want to get too fancy. Honestly, this style isn't too much more involved either, but here ya go! I call it "Twist Up & Bump."

I made one large flat twist up the center of my head from the nape of my neck to the crown of my head.

Then I pulled the front section of hair over the ends of the flat twist (for added cushion), then tucked and pinned the under the flat twist.

I had to sneak in this shot of my tights too... loving them!!!!