Thursday, February 16, 2012

Natural Hair a Growing Trend in Pop Culture

There is a myriad of reasons for the increase in people donning their naturally kinky, curly, coily tresses. When I stopped perming my hair in 2000 there wasn't yet a natural hair movement with terminology, methodology and discourse. As more naturals appeared online more of them appeared on the streets. As more natural heads appeared on the streets more were seen on television, on film screens and on magazine covers. Wearing natural textures that were once considered unattractive or problematic is now trendy- and I LOVE IT! There is something profoundly transformational and freeing about learning to love one's unadulterated natural state.

Though trends are usually fleeting, I think natural hair is here to stay! Don't believe me? Read another article I wrote about the rise of natural hair in pop culture and check out these pop music videos featuring mine and other dancing kinks, curls and coils.

"XO Boyfriend" by Gordon Voidwell

"Spring Fever" by Iron Solomon

"Ivy League Circus" by Gordon Voidwell