Monday, August 13, 2012

Style Tutorial: Twisted Pin Curl Side-do

I actually wore this style nearly a month ago, but forgot I had taken pictures to share with everyone. Unfortunately I did not get video or still shots throughout the process. It was an impromptu style. I will still give step by step instructions.

Similar to my Rolling Side Puff, this is a "side-do" (like updo, but to the side...yeah I'm making that a thing). I used flat twists here so the style would last longer.

The flat twists went 2/3 of the way across my head. The last third was left for loose twists. Then I pinned the ends of the flat twists and each loose twist into pin curls.

I've been waiting a year to do this style. My hair wasn't quite long enough for the full effect last year. I got the idea from MahoganyKnots on YouTube. Check out her excellent tutorial for details.

Style Tutorial: Rolling Side Puff

I was going through old videos from my YouTube channel and came across this gem. Sometimes I can't tell if my hair has really grown that much, but comparing the current length to my length in this video from nearly two years ago I can really note the difference.

This was part of my quick styling series... when I was working an office job and really needed to cut down on my styling time in the mornings. I used rolling twists in this style, which are quicker than flat twists- but not as secure so they don't last as long. I think I kept this style for three days by wearing a silk scarf at night.

What are your favorite quick styles that take 15 minutes or less?

Rolling Side Puff