Wednesday, January 25, 2012

DIY Hair Care Isn't Food Waste! a.k.a. You Betta' Back Up Wit Dat

Coconut Milk Avocado Honey Conditioner
So I'm a bit peeved, if you couldn't tell. I'll admit this is an old issue (as in the incident that set me off took place some time ago), but it is an argument I always have with my husband and now other people. I'm tired of people suggesting that using food items for my hair care is a waste of food. *PAUSE*

Food is essential to health and body care inside and out and a multifaceted use of food items is not wasteful. Besides the chemicals to make health and beauty products are made to mimic what fruits, vegetables and herbs do naturally. So aren't DIY methods more natural and in fact, the way we were intended to take care of ourselves (albeit maybe not with such elaborate recipes)?

Coffee Facial Scrub. Want the recipe?
I follow a blog by Jonathan Bloom called Wasted Food (check it out if you, like myself, find yourself throwing away rotten food way too often- or check it out anyway). I was drawn to an article that was wagging the finger at kitty litter made from corn. I do agree with Jonathan that we should be conscious and considerate of frivolous food consumption, especially when so many people in the world are starving. However considering personal hygiene is not at all a frivolous thing, I would not lump my practices into that category. I don't think using half a can of coconut milk on my hair and the other half in my beans is wasteful. I don't think using my coffee grinds as a facial scrub after my daily cup o' joe is wasteful.

Well, there's my rant. But what do you all think?