Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fros Added to the TSA's Inspection List

So I guess this is an official part of the standard TSA checklist now? Read about the TSA hair frisking that recently happened to Briana McCarthy of The Mane Source.

I realize the agents do not make the policies and are just doing their jobs. Honestly a small weapon could be concealed inside of a large enough fro, but what I don't understand is what set this off? Has there been a case of hair smuggling that led the authorities to institutionalize this policy or is it a part of racial profiling? I'm not suggesting foul play but I would appreciate an explanation of the hair frisking trend.

What do you all think?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Awkward Moments & Triumphs 2

That awkward moment when you haven't finished your hair, but its time to leave for a job meeting.

That triumphant moment when you can throw something together to be presentable to the outside world.

Style Tutorial: Braided Protective Style

I began this style by parting my hair horizontally in small sections. My hair is dense, so small sections still makes medium sized braids. I made a slanted part in the center, splitting each row in two sections.


The back of my hair was very difficult, since I had been wearing a twist out all day and hadn't blown it out as I usually do. I also haven't braided my hair in a while, I generally prefer flat twisting, but it doesn't last as long. Sorry I didn't continue taking pictures of the process, I was frustrated. Side note: I hadn't finished my hair before bed and had to go to a meeting with my director in the morning. I made this quick bang to mask my unfinished 'do. Shhh... don't tell on me! 
I thought I would change this style up often (I love versatile protective styles) but I only wore it this way for about ten days, then with the ends unraveled for a couple days. Its similar to another braided style I did last year. 

What would you do to switch this up in a versatile way?

A Random Thought About Strawllers, Drinking Straws and Perm Rods

Exhibit A: Strawllers
Isn't it funny how inventions come about? This is what I thought as I read an archived article on Ebony.com about Strawllers, thin hair rollers made for straw sets. Strawllers are the durable and ventilated alternative to drinking straws, used by many women whether transitioning or fully natural. I chuckled myself thinking how drinking straws are a DIY alternative to thin perm rods, which are also used to achieve tight pencil curls. A knockoff of a knockoff. Hmm...

Exhibit B: Drinking Straws
Exhibit C: Perm Rods

Monday, August 13, 2012

Style Tutorial: Twisted Pin Curl Side-do

I actually wore this style nearly a month ago, but forgot I had taken pictures to share with everyone. Unfortunately I did not get video or still shots throughout the process. It was an impromptu style. I will still give step by step instructions.

Similar to my Rolling Side Puff, this is a "side-do" (like updo, but to the side...yeah I'm making that a thing). I used flat twists here so the style would last longer.

The flat twists went 2/3 of the way across my head. The last third was left for loose twists. Then I pinned the ends of the flat twists and each loose twist into pin curls.

I've been waiting a year to do this style. My hair wasn't quite long enough for the full effect last year. I got the idea from MahoganyKnots on YouTube. Check out her excellent tutorial for details.

Style Tutorial: Rolling Side Puff

I was going through old videos from my YouTube channel and came across this gem. Sometimes I can't tell if my hair has really grown that much, but comparing the current length to my length in this video from nearly two years ago I can really note the difference.

This was part of my quick styling series... when I was working an office job and really needed to cut down on my styling time in the mornings. I used rolling twists in this style, which are quicker than flat twists- but not as secure so they don't last as long. I think I kept this style for three days by wearing a silk scarf at night.

What are your favorite quick styles that take 15 minutes or less?

Rolling Side Puff