Sunday, November 6, 2011

Style Tutorial: 4 Versions of 1 Twisted Updo

If you're like me, suffering from HIH (hand in hair) syndrome, then protective styles may be helpful in limiting how often you play in your hair. But I like changing my hair every day, I just don't want to lose hair to breakage or stress my edges every time I change a style. So now I think about versatile protective styles; twisted or braided styles that can change looks without requiring additional parting, combing, brushing, unraveling and re-twitsing/re-braiding.

Below was my first attempt and I loved it. Sadly I didn't record myself doing it, but will try to recreate the style this season. I kept the twists in for 1 week and managed to create 4 distinctive looks by styling the twists. The key was the bang that I created with two sets of smaller twists; one from the hairline up (see version 4, photo 3) and the other from the crown down (see version 1, photo 1). When the style had run its course, I loosened the ends of the twists for the final look.

What do you think? Do you have any additional ideas for versatile protective styles?

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Version 4

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Style Tutorial: Twist Up & Bump (Quick & Simple Protective Styling)

So I mentioned the other day that it was the start of my protective styling season. Although I don't think its absolutely necessary for all people to use this method t protect their hair during winter or to retain length, I know it works for me. I am afflicted with HIH (Hand-In-Hair) syndrome and this relieves some of the symptoms like wandering hands. Also I tend to wear a lot of hats in the colder months, and protective styles usually assist in hat-friendly hair.

This is the first style of the season, well technically the second. For the past week I've been wearing two cornrows with a side part, I've been dancing a lot so didn't want to get too fancy. Honestly, this style isn't too much more involved either, but here ya go! I call it "Twist Up & Bump."

I made one large flat twist up the center of my head from the nape of my neck to the crown of my head.

Then I pulled the front section of hair over the ends of the flat twist (for added cushion), then tucked and pinned the under the flat twist.

I had to sneak in this shot of my tights too... loving them!!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sat. 11/5 in Harlem: Natural Neo’s Presents Natural Hair Expo

I heard about a natural hair expo happening this Saturday, November 5 at the Harlem Y. Sounds like it will be a very informative event, with workshops, vendors and a raffle for gift bags. Hope to see you there!
See below for details.
PMM of The Kitchen Salon

Natural Neo’s Presents
Natural Hair Expo
Saturday, November 5th
181 west 135th street  New York, NY 10030


¨ Transitioning to Natural11am– 11:45am By Carla Brown
¨ Whole Living Natural Body Products12pm-12:45pm By Aleathia Brown
¨ Eating for Health & Beauty1pm–1:45pmBy Charmaine Brooks
¨ Live R&B music 2:15pm to 2:50pm Presented by DJ Smitty and CP Charm
¨ Question and Answer Panel About Natural Hair Care 3pm-4pm 

¨ First Come First Served for all workshops seating is limited!

¨ Fabulous Vendors who will have everything from Natural Hair  and Beauty Care Products!

¨ Free Gift Bags to the first 100 Ticket Holders, Samples and More!
 Fabulous Vendors who will have everything from natural hair products to jewelry and unique creations.
-Raffles, Gift Bags, Samples and More!
Advance Tickets $10/ On Event Date $15
For Vendor Opportunities/Advanced Tickets Contact:
Kayce Williams & Stephanie Arzu
Visit our website
Partial Proceeds will be donated to Strong Kids Campaign

           If you don’t already know we are ecstatic to announce the coming of our Natural Hair Expo, here in Harlem.  Stephanie and Kayce are here to bring a service to our natural sisters & brothers here in Harlem.  As new Naturals we ran into many obstacles when it came to knowing how to treat our hair.   The purpose of this event is to talk about the beauty of natural hair and to educate people as to how to care for it is our goal. Though workshops and vendors we believe that we can provide a valuable service to our community members.
          Of all places, Harlem needs to have an event of this nature. Being populated with so many different cultures and different textures of hair, some people are not familiar with how to care for their natural hair textures.  From Locks, twist, braids, Afros, Curls etc.  We want you all; so we are reaching out to you, the educator, and the entrepreneur to help our vision come true. 



8 Things I Must Confess About Natural Hair


As I'm inspired by insomnia and reading the "Natural Hair Confessions" posts on Natural Review, I thought to write my own post of natural hair confessions.
  1. I got my first relaxer when I was 9 years old. By the time I was 16 and had started thinking about ceding the touch ups I didn't even know what my natural hair texture was like.
  2. I got my last relaxer the day before my 17th birthday and my hair was chin length (straight). Fast forward 8 years later and my hair was an inch longer than chin length (pressed). I had never once trimmed my hair in that time.
  3. The best worst thing that happened to my hair was when I asked my friend to trim it and she chopped my hair to only an inch long.
  4. In college I washed my hair with Pantene (not relaxed & natural line) shampoo and conditioner every day and never used a leave in conditioner. I couldn't understand why my hair always felt like straw even though I put plenty of grease on my hair and scalp.
  5. I just learned what a heat protectant is and what it should do 3 years ago. I had always thought any grease or hair spray would do, and I thought each parted section was to be saturated before applying heat. Hmm, that explains the hissing and crackling sounds I always heard and the singed strands. Sorry to all those friends who let me press their hair. (My bad.)
  6. I am often frustrated because it stills seems I am not retaining as much length as I could (i.e. as other people). Every day working on that one... which leads me to my next confession.
  7. I want very long hair. That is my main goal with learning how to care for my hair. I want to whip my hair back and forth, without having to carefully plan my style and check the weather first. Who knows if that's even realistic?
  8. Much of my lifestyle has changed for the better since adopting all natural hair care routines. I am much healthier in many other life choices too, but honestly its all due to my vanity. But if its for the better that's not so bad, right?
Can I get an AMEN?!