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Coconut milk & honey & avocado moisturizing protein deep conditioner

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This deep conditioner was my introduction to kitchen-made hair products. It is a staple product in my regimen, and now that I've been using it for over 2 years I can switch up the recipe to fit my hair needs in that particular moment. Further down I will list various ingredients and their benefits. Try it out and tell me what you think. What's your favorite variation of this recipe?

This is my original recipe; after trying different versions that I learned from other people this is what I came up with and stuck to for nearly a year straight before switching it up frequently. However many people use the basic recipe of coconut milk & avocado with oil for a deep conditioner.

- coconut milk - protein rich; deep conditions; defines curls and coils; makes the liquid base of the mixture
- avocado - protein rich; high fat content; high fiber content rich in vitamins E and K; thickens the mixture

(I would not suggest trying all of these at once.)

- aloe vera oil - emollient; promotes rapid hair growth
- avocado oil - heat protectant; rich in vitamin A, D and E
- flaxseed oil - promotes circulation; high fiber content; essential fatty acids
- glycerin - humectant; adds slip for easy detangling
- grapefruit essential oil - promotes hair growth; adds sheen; smells great
- grape seed oil - heat protectant; promotes hair growth
- honey - emollient; humectant; thickens the mixture
- lavender essential oil - soothes eczema and psoriasis; smells great
- oilve oil - emollient; deep conditions hair
- raw mango butter - emollient; rich in vitamin E; softens hair; sunscreen
- raw shea butter - emollient; rich in vitamin E; softens hair; sunscreen
- rosemary essential oil - promotes circulation; cleanses the scalp; combats dandruff; cures alopecia
- sage essential oil - cleanses the scalp; promotes hair growth
- vitamin E - sunscreen; promotes circulation in the scalp
- yogurt - rich in B vitamins, loosens curls/coils for easier detangling; mildly cleanses the scalp; adds sheen
*there is a bit of debate over using fat and non-fat yogurt, but I always use non-fat because that's what's in my fridge. I'll add an update when I see yogurt with fat in my grocery store!

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