Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Styling Wish List... I think I can, I think I can!

When I see interesting, fierce, and elegant styles on other people, I want NEED to try them myself. The internet makes it impossible to keep up with everything but I'm obligated to try. It only worsens my HIH (Hand-In-Head) syndrome, but try not to judge me or yourself if you're inspired to try a few.

OMG!!! I've gotta figure this out, I'm intrigued. It looks like a fold and tuck style, but something about the sides. Hmm... wish I could find a back view perspective.
via Afro Glitz

Oh yeah... def adding this to the list! Priceless throwback. Said to be a photo from Madagascar, I'm guessing nineteenth century? (Don't quote me on that!)

I ran across this style sported by user doulacubanita on Natural Sunshine. This has to be added to the list of styles I want to try.
via Natural Sunshine

Shut the front door! This is TOO FLY! Ok, I'm departing the Afro Glitz site right now, cause this is too much for me in my condition (see HIH syndrome). It's a braided fold and tuck! Oh wait, did anyone else notice how the style above is so similar to this one? I wonder if doulacubanita was also inspired by this picture...
via Afro Glitz


  1. I like the first and second styles a lot! I just lack the ability to create such styles, but I guess practice makes perfect.

  2. That is true, especially with the first and second styles which are simple, but deceptively complex. For the first style, I suggest checking out the fold and tuck video by Lovingyourhair on Youtube. Though I can't tell the entire configuration from the profile shot, I think its really just a bunch of fold and tucks. The second style looks like box braids/individual plaits with the ends fro'd out to make afro puffs. This too is relatively simple (provided one knows how to braid). Try them out, its the only way to get a handle on it. Good luck!