Saturday, September 1, 2012

Style Tutorial: Braided Protective Style

I began this style by parting my hair horizontally in small sections. My hair is dense, so small sections still makes medium sized braids. I made a slanted part in the center, splitting each row in two sections.


The back of my hair was very difficult, since I had been wearing a twist out all day and hadn't blown it out as I usually do. I also haven't braided my hair in a while, I generally prefer flat twisting, but it doesn't last as long. Sorry I didn't continue taking pictures of the process, I was frustrated. Side note: I hadn't finished my hair before bed and had to go to a meeting with my director in the morning. I made this quick bang to mask my unfinished 'do. Shhh... don't tell on me! 
I thought I would change this style up often (I love versatile protective styles) but I only wore it this way for about ten days, then with the ends unraveled for a couple days. Its similar to another braided style I did last year. 

What would you do to switch this up in a versatile way?


  1. Anonymous5/08/2013

    Let the middle section hang loose, unraveled, curly or flipped up.

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