Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Kitchen Salon: Come On In!

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Hey Fam!

I've been grappling with this idea of blogging for a while, but didn't have a specific topic that motivated me to write consistently. Then I became obsessed with growing long healthy natural hair using all natural products. That obsession expanded to making my own hair products from items that were in my kitchen and finally led me to this idea of blogging on DIY hair products, experiences I've had with various ingredients and how others could use them for their own hair.

So welcome to The Kitchen Salon, my blog series on DIY hair products made from all natural ingredients, mostly items that can be found in your kitchen and bathroom. I will not claim to be the originator of the ideas, but I do put my own personal spin on every recipe I come across (cause that's how I do... even as I kid I never followed directions too closely).

As often as possible I will post links to the places where I first learned of the successful recipes, but some of the recipes I acquired from many sources over a period of time and I don't recall the sources. I will also post step by step directions in how you can make the product yourself, and offer ideas for variations. What I enjoy most about making my own products is having the ability to switch up the ingredients if I find my hair needs more or less of a certain effect.

I do encourage anyone who tries the recipes to post their feedback. One of the most exciting (and sometimes frustrating) aspects of hair is that it is just as unique as our DNA. Two people with seemingly identical hair types can have different experiences with the same product and regimen. So please keep this a flowing discussion and offer your feedback.
At The Kitchen Salon, the door is always open!

~In Hair Solidarity,

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